Elevate Your Facebook &
Instagram Ad Presence

Promoting your company with strong, scroll-stopping imagery and copy is EVERYTHING when you’re trying to grasp just a sliver of your consumer’s attention in the lighting-fast digital world we live in today.
At FSA, we know what works when it comes to professional and influential Facebook and Instagram ads.
Check out some of our best-performing and high-converting ads that have helped to quickly propel our partners forward!

Powerful Single Image

One standalone image that “wows” a potential customer and makes them stop for just a second.

Compelling Carousel

A variety of high-quality lifestyle images or product shots that tell the brand story and convince the viewer to click.

Strong Branding GIFs

Short and to the point with a vivid brand reputation.
Typically this is the highest-performing ad format for all our partners.

Brand Story Videos

Professionally-shot, long-format videos that walk the viewer through the brand story.

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