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Cabana Life

Success Story

Cabana Life initially met FSA in the months leading up to Q4 and were looking for a partner that would be willing to scale their paid social advertising efforts. By combining a data-driven approach with consistent creative testing, audience refinement, and ad set structure, we were able to design a scaleable approach that resulted in 5x channel revenue during their most integral season.


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  • Tracking & Analytics
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Increase in Paid Social Revenue Year/Year
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About the Brand

Cabana Life is a US-based e-commerce brand that sells high quality vacation clothing designed to provide skin protection from harmful UV rays. Founded by a melanoma survivor, the purpose-driven fashion brand generates millions in online sales revenue yearly.

The Challenge

Increase E-Commerce Sales

Solution #1

Creative Scaling

Full Speed Advertising was able to achieve these massive improvements through various strategic approaches to new creative, ad set restructuring, and audience refinement.

How We Did It

  • Post engagement aggregation across ad sets
  • Transitioning to relatable lifestyle imagery over product standalones
  • Videos and gifs to increase engagement and stop the scroll
  • Ad copy spacing to enhance comprehension
  • Tactical and relevant emoji placements
  • Call to actions in the headlines
  • Automation tools to detect ad fatigue

How We Did It

  • Scaling ad set budgets using manual bidding and automated rules combined with ad tech software
  • Segmenting delivery by device type to capitalize on users with high propensities to convert on mobile
  • Age segmentation
  • Platform and placement segmentation
  • Geographic segmentation

Solution #2

Audience Refinement

With years of customer data tucked away in their CRM, Cabana Life was sitting on an incredible targeting resource for use in both Facebook and Instagram ads. Through a structured approach to building and testing lookalike and interest audiences, we were able to scale prospecting campaign revenue while balancing efficiency with retargeting audience segmentation and optimization.

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