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Moroccan Magic

Success Story

Moroccan Magic approached FSA in 2020 with the goal of significantly scaling the e-commerce side of their business. Since working together, we have increased MM’s overall purchases by 53.8% and have boosted their ad click-through rate by 43.8% with zero increase in ad spend budget. Thoroughly assessing where MM’s weak points were and optimizing where needed, FSA has grown their revenue while maintaining their original paid media budget.


  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
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Increase in Purchases
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Increase in Ad Click-Through Rate

About the Brand

Founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Kristina Tsipouras Miller, Moroccan Magic was created to incorporate clean beauty with everyday products. All products are vegan and cruelty-free and nourish your skin and lips with high-grade, natural ingredients that really make you feel the “magic difference”.

The Challenge

Scale e-commerce sales while maintaining a profitable roas

Solution #1

Creative Scaling

Full Speed Advertising was able to achieve these massive improvements through various strategic approaches to new creative, ad set restructuring, and audience refinement.

How We Did It

  • Aggregated post-engagement across ad sets
  • Transitioned to relatable lifestyle imagery over product standalones
  • Added videos and gifs to increase engagement and to stop the scroll
  • Incorporated story-telling ad copy to enhance brand awareness and likes
  • Made strong and unique Call-to-Actions in each phase of the funnel 
  • Utilized automation tools to detect ad fatigue

Solution #2

Audience Refinement

Our team scaled prospecting campaign revenue while balancing efficiency with retargeting audience segmentation and optimization.  We implemented a structured approach to building and testing lookalike and interest audiences.

How We Did It

  • Split-tested different audience types: Lookalike, Broad, and Interest to achieve the best KPIs
  • Implemented a multi-campaign strategy: Conversion, Traffic, and Catalog Sales to achieve the best KPIs
  • Segmented delivery by device type in order to capitalize on users with high propensity to convert on mobile
  • Utilized advanced demographics including age, income, interest, and geographic segmentation
  • Segmented ads via Platform (eg. Facebook, Instagram) and Placement (eg. stories, newsfeed) 


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