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Sofary Lighting

Success Story

In 2019, Sofary Lighting reached out to FSA as they were looking to scale their e-commerce sales via paid digital marketing. They were achieving some level of success but knew they could begin pushing their brand to the next level.  That’s where our team jumped in! Since working together, we’ve helped increase Sofary’s ROAS by 514%, and increase their Link Clicks by 246%!


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  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Ads
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Increase in Link Clicks

About the Brand

Sofary Lighting began with a simple conviction: beautiful modern lighting shouldn’t be so expensive. Their mission is to bring luxury lighting products directly from manufacturers to customers – for a fraction of the price. Founded in Seattle, Washington, Sofary employs a global supply chain to source the latest designer lighting styles at affordable prices and bring show-stopping fixtures to homes and businesses all over the world!

The Challenge

Scale e-commerce sales while maintaining a profitable roasI

Solution #1

Creative Scaling

Full Speed Advertising was able to achieve these massive improvements through various strategic approaches to new creative, ad set restructuring, and audience refinement.

How We Did It

  • Aggregated post-engagement across ad sets
  • Transitioned to relatable lifestyle imagery over product standalones
  • Added videos and gifs to increase engagement and to stop the scroll
  • Incorporated story-telling ad copy to enhance brand awareness and likes
  • Made strong and unique Call-to-Actions in each phase of the funnel 
  • Utilized automation tools to detect ad fatigue

Solution #2

Audience Refinement

Our team scaled prospecting campaign revenue while balancing efficiency with retargeting audience segmentation and optimization.  We implemented a structured approach to building and testing lookalike and interest audiences.

How We Did It

  • Split-tested different audience types: Lookalike, Broad, and Interest to achieve the best KPIs
  • Implemented a multi-campaign strategy: Conversion, Traffic, and Catalog Sales to achieve the best KPIs
  • Segmented delivery by device type in order to capitalize on users with high propensity to convert on mobile
  • Utilized advanced demographics including age, income, interest, and geographic segmentation
  • Segmented ads via Platform (eg. Facebook, Instagram) and Placement (eg. stories, newsfeed) 


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