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iOS 15 Updates: Here’s What You Need To Know


  • iOS 15 is here… and just like that, the marketing landscape has shifted dramatically. 
  • In this blog, we’ll discuss the changes that have been made, and what marketers and business owners need to know to properly adapt to these changes.

The Skinny

  • iOS 15 updates were intended to benefit the user—and ultimately, protect their privacy. For some time now, folks have complained about how much of their data was being tracked, and their discomfort with how companies use their data.

    To combat this narrative, Apple has embarked on a privacy protection campaign, beginning with iOS 14.5 (released April 24, 2021), which implemented new privacy measures for their users. Apple doubled down on their efforts by releasing iOS 15 (Sept. 20, 2021), further safeguarding user data. 

    This software update will forever impact how marketing professionals can monitor, gather, and measure essential user data.

    need to know to properly adapt to these changes.

The Updates

While there are still some unknowns, here is what Apple has revealed regarding the privacy changes, and how your marketing strategy may be impacted:

  • Apple has strengthened its Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP)  by hiding user’s IP addresses from trackers. 
    • This change makes it impossible to leverage user IP addresses to track an individual across several websites, making it more difficult to flesh out a complete and useful user profile.
  • Within the Mail App, Apple now protects its users by preventing senders from using invisible pixels to gather user data. 
    • Because of the software update, senders will no longer know when an email has been opened unless the iPhone user has opted-in to this type of tracking.
      • As a result, email open rates may be inflated (or improperly tracked).
      • While open rates may not be accurate, we know that click data WILL BE accurate. 
  • iCloud Private Relay 
    • This update encrypts user activity on Safari, hiding both network traffic and IP addresses from visited websites.
    • It also eliminates “fingerprinting,” which allows companies to track user’s dedicated IP addresses across the web.
  • Hide My Email
    • To combat email spam and create a layer of anonymity, Hide My Email creates burner accounts that allow users to, “share unique, random email addresses that forward to their personal inbox anytime they wish to keep their personal email address private.” (Apple Press Release)
  • And lastly, location tracking has been impacted, and may no longer be as reliable.

How To Adapt To These Changes

So, what does all of this mean for us?

  1. Prioritize Clicks over Opens.
    • Regarding Email Marketing Strategy, the iOS 15 updates signal the need to prioritize enticing copy and creative that targets clicks over opens.
  1. Shift focus to optimizing CTAs.
    • Since clicks and click-through rates are becoming increasingly valuable metrics, the emphasis of your efforts should shift toward incentivizing users to convert.
  1. Utilize UTM parameters.
    • Adding UTM parameters can greatly assist with accurately tracking clicks.

FSA's Solution

We’re in the process of establishing a new attribution model to more accurately track conversions, and to ensure our reports remain transparent and easy to understand.

We’ve also been encouraging our partners to test text message marketing (SMS Marketing). It has proven time and time again to be an excellent supplement to Email Marketing, and boasts an absurdly high open-rate. 

Full Speed Advertising offers highly personalized SMS strategies to meet your unique goals. If you’re interested in discussing what SMS can offer your business, click the button below and fill out the form to its completion. We’ll reach out, schedule a call, and go from there.


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