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Creative Marketing in 2021: Keep. It. Simple!

It’s been just over a year since the pandemic broke out (don’t worry, we’re not talking about that), and obviously so much has changed. If you’re anything like me, your screentime has definitely gone up, and we’re going to blame all of that on TikTok.


With the explosion of this platform in what felt overnight, TikTok has been revolutionizing what modern marketing looks like and how we consume content.


What does this mean for your business and the type of ad content you’re putting out?

Simply put, it means it’s time to throw out what you thought you knew about content marketing and start getting out of your comfort zone!


As a Content Marketing Strategist, details and perfection are everything to me; so much so that I can’t even eat at a restaurant without pointing out where the menu has inconsistencies in the fonts. In 2021, I’m learning to take a step back from the microscope and embrace the imperfections.


There’s always going to be a time and place for high-quality, scroll-stopping imagery and videos, but this blog is all about the magic of KEEPING. IT. SIMPLE!

Unless you’re a company like Apple, almost zero brands are using anything remotely professional to promote themselves on platforms like TikTok.

It’s time to stop overthinking your content!

Whip out your iPhone and turn the camera around (and smile). Start talking to your audience as the real human that you are, and I promise it will resonate more with your consumers.

What we’re seeing boost success in 2021 is all about UGC!

User-Generated Content is key to speaking to your audience without the appearance of an “ad”. Consumers listen to what real people in their demographic are saying directly to them more than they are perfect ad copy and a professional product or lifestyle shot. And while influencers are amazing and every brand should implement some sort of influencer marketing strategy, they are not the only route to killer UGC. Absolutely nobody knows your brand and what you’re selling better than you. On top of that, we’ve seen many consumers relate to company founders and their team the most. This also helps your audience buy into your mission, voice, and personality. It’s time to go full selfie mode and speak directly to your audience. 

You really don’t need much more than yourself (or a friend of the brand, a tech-savvy intern, etc.), your products, and your smartphone. Throw in a ring light if it makes you feel better. Show off your product or service in real-time. Talk about what it does, how it works, what it looks and feels like. Whatever makes sense for your brand and what you’re selling.

Educate and Entertain!

Is your consumer problem aware? Do they know what makes your product the best? Selling a luxury? How can you convince your consumer to try out your brand in a way a carousel ad cannot?


Similar to email marketing or organic social posting, you don’t want to come across as a salesman 24/7.

Your content should be 80:20; 80% real value and engaging content, 20% selling.


What does this look like in a UGC video? Give value where one doesn’t expect it and your consumer will undoubtedly respect your brand more.


Give tips and tricks. Before your audience even asks the question in their head, answer it.

In the fashion realm? Answer the following:


  • What would I wear this with?
  • How would I style this?
  • Where would I wear this?
  • Where does this fit into my lifestyle?
  • What have others said they love about this?


There’s your 80%. But don’t just answer those questions, show them!


Maybe this looks like a member of your target audience physically trying on your products and talking about the fit, showing their favorite accents. Does it have pockets? The people need to know this!


Get creative. Educate, entertain, and then throw in your discount code and link to your site. There’s your 20%.


Whatever you do…don’t overproduce!

Feel free to add all the TikTok effects and filters, but don’t overproduce your content. There’s character and authenticity in the imperfection and casualness.


Once you have your killer UGC video, use it….everywhere!


Throw it organically on TikTok, Reels, IGTV, Snapchat.

Make sure to run it as a story campaign across all platforms.

You’re sure to see a spike in engagement, starting real conversations and driving higher quality traffic to your site.


Try it out and let us know how it works for your brand!


Have questions? Want more tips? Need help? We’d love to chat!