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7 Tips to Successfully Optimize a LinkedIn Business Page


Linkedin is the largest and most used professional platform in the modern day. The social media site has over 13 million companies and over half a billion individual active members worldwide. Although it has been around since 2002, Linkedin stays relevant and a must have for creating professional connections, staying in touch, and finding new opportunities. This is why it is crucial to care for your Linkedin Company Page in order to establish the brand and attract the best talent.

We have set up 7 steps to best create a compelling Linkedin Company page once the profile has been set up. Follow this guide to make sure your business is up to par on Linkedin and ready for success.

Step One: Edit Photo and Banner

Images are important on any platform. The profile photo and the banner picture are the first things that someone sees when landing on your page which is why it is the first step. Choosing a profile image is fairly straightforward- choose the logo that you have used for other social media channels and make sure that it fits Linkedin requirements.

Here are some specifics on what works best for Linkedin profile photos on your company page:

  • 300 x 300 pixels
  • PNG format
  • Maximum 8 MB
  • Square layout
For the banner on the main page, the restrictions are much more lax than the main profile image. For this section you can either go with a sleek and minimalistic photo or something that garners more action. An example of a more engaging banner photo would include elements such as hashtags or promotions in order to lead to more conversions from consumers. Here are the specifics for the Linkedin Banner photo. 
  • 1536 x 768 pixels
  • PNG format
  • Maximum 8 MB
  • Rectangular layout

Step Two: Writing the ‘About Us’

The photos will draw in the users but the ‘about us’ section is what is going to give users a more in depth understanding about the company. When writing this part make sure it is tightly worded, keeping it to around 2,000 characters or less is best. This is just a brief explanation of who you are, what you offer, values, branding, and how people can contact you to learn more about the business. Use simple and accessible language that is informed by keyword research to make sure it is optimized on the Linkedin platform. Most importantly, it is alright to give this section a personality that shows more about the culture of the brand, but make sure to keep it professional.

Step Three: Fill out the page

According to Linkedin and Hootsuite, company pages on the platform with completed pages receive approximately twice the amount of visitors than pages that are incomplete. Make sure that your Linkedin includes: 

  • Business URL
  • Company address
  • The headquarters location (mainly important for global companies)
  • Industry affiliation
  • Company size

Step Four: Create a Showcase Page

Showcase pages are a closer look at the company’s functions and how they operate. The pages are highly customizable and can be tailored to show off certain aspects of the company. Depending on the intent of the individual page visitor, they can choose to learn more about a range of different company activities such as charity efforts, sponsorships, meetups, conferences, etc.

Although this is an incredibly useful tool, it does require a fair amount of upkeep. These pages have their own distinct set of followers that are actually separate from the company page. In order to keep the showcase pages successful, it is required that you consistently post media such as articles, videos, slide presentations, and other valuable content.

In this section, companies can also work on targeting posts by focusing on specific groups that might find the content engaging or want to potentially become involved with the business. The showcase pages are not commonly used, therefore they can be a valuable asset to growing the business page through Linkedin.

Step Five: Build your Career Page

A study done by Glassdoor showed that 69% of those seeking jobs are more inclined to apply to a company that shows an active effort to promote the culture within the business as opposed to promoting higher pay. The Linkedin career pages are a wonderful way to boost the recruitment efforts of the business by showing off the company culture.

This portion can be found under the ‘Life’ tab and it contains customizable modules fit for images, videos, and articles regarding the company culture. When uploading these posts, try to include a link with every upload as Linkedin reports that posts with a link added get up to 45% more engagement.

When creating this section, keep in mind the consumer’s point of view. If you were inclined to work for a company, what would you want to see?

Other features on this section include:

  • Creating a virtual “meet the team” section that includes the Linkedin profiles of current employees
  • Attaching employee testimonials about the company
  • Sharing the causes that the business’ employees engage with and support on their profiles
  • Showcase the company’s diversity by listing the languages spoken by your employees
  • Track analytics on engagement to help with the recruitment process

Step Six: Giving and Receiving Endorsements

Endorsements are a major part of any credibility image for both an individual and a business profile on Linkedin. For this section, you can ask both employees and associates to make sure they engage with the page and leave specific details about the company and why they enjoy working with the team. By giving others endorsements, it also helps improve the chances that your company will receive endorsements back. This is an excellent way to both grow your network and optimize your company Linkedin profile.

Step Seven: Keeping up With Competition

Every year Linkedin publishes a list of the Best Linkedin Company profiles. By looking through these, you can make sure your page is up to par and optimized for your industry. Keep in mind, looking at pages of direct competition is the best way to make sure that you are standing out in your niche.


Putting together an optimized Linkedin company page will help with strengthening your brand and growing the company. The aesthetics of the page are just as important as the information, so make sure that it is proofread and ready to be interacted with on the largest professional network worldwide!

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